About Us

Entrepreneurship has always fueled our interest in offering quality. We saw an opportunity for products that required an introduction from consumers. This aroused our curiosity and we did research on the subject. The result demonstrated a regulated framework that any company in the baby and children's market must respect. It corresponded to our culture and our sense of responsibility.

This reality has developed in us a feeling of partner with the consumer. Our task in this context is to offer quality products that comply with Canadian standards and regulations for the protection of newborn babies and young children. This role anchored in us; respect for consumers and their trust in us.

From this sensitivity, our curiosity becomes deeper in the evaluation of products, demography, births, players in the field, trend (s), etc. This written down, establishes the bases of the company in this field of activity.

Globe-Note Distribution was born out of this process. Established in the province of Quebec in Canada. The main target market, by the products, is the birth of babies from 0 to 9 months and followed by young children.
The company's evolution and development program is molded and formed by advancing, step by step, with each challenge that arises. The establishment of shops in regions and sectors are the core of its structure. They are operated by independent owners. These are not franchised and do not pay royalties. It's their shop, they own it. We do not know how far this involvement will go. But you can imagine winning scenarios and future plans for everyone. Who knows? We are at the birth of the children and the question arises: will we grow together, with these children and you?

Serge and Monique